Understanding ADHD Causes

There is not a single cause but there maybe a multitude of ADHD causes. When your child is suspected of having ADHD an array of testing is done, not the least of which is a complete physical. There are illnesses such as high fevers, ear infections, or injury that could be a catalyst for ADHD like behaviors to surface.

A mother’s exposure to toxins including drugs smoking, as well as PCBs. These toxins reduces nerve cell activity that produces neurotransmitters. If there are changes in brain anatomy and functioning may lead to difference between add adhd. For example, in ADHD neurotransmitters do not work properly.

Areas of the brain that control activity and function have reduced activity in children with ADHD. A child with ADHD is likely to have at least one relative with it also. A diagnosis must be made.

A series of tests that will measure attention span, the ability to follow directions, distractibility and impulsivity will be done. Their level of activity will also be observed. Your child may be asked to participate in an interview that will seek their insight into their own behaviors.

As parents you also will likely be asked to participate in an interview where your child’s history and family environment are likely to be discussed.

Just as there is not one single cause of ADHD, there is also not only one treatment available. The most common treatment is stimulant medication. It is medication that has harmful effects. It is very addictive and can cause sleeplessness, depression, and also irritability. Loss of appetite may also occur. If stimulants are used for a long time it may make children more likely as adults to have depression and substance abuse problems.

Nature has provided us with its own remedies. Natural supplements should be made only by a licensed homeopath. They are a blend of specific herbs, vitamins, and minerals that must be FDA approved for use with ADHD.

Natural supplements are not addictive. They are free from additives, preservatives, or dyes. This makes them safe for anyone. They also can be taken for a long time without consequences.

There is no substitute for healthy living. This includes a healthy diet free of additives, preservatives or anything artificial. Plenty of physical exercise for both children and adults will keep all fit and burn off some excess energy. Sleep- an adequate amount of sleep helps the body to not only rest but to renew its strength.

ADHD can’t be cured but it can be successfully managed with the supplements, healthy living, and behavioral therapy. There are strategies that can be learned to help decrease the symptoms of ADHD.


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