Safety Glass and Safety Enclosure For Laser Engraving Machine

Safety Glass and Safety Enclosure For Laser Engraving Machine

The safety glass and enclosure is the most important safety protective device for a laser parts manufacturer machine; it protects the laser emission from the beam which could affect the human skin and eye. Without these safety devices, the laser engraving system can’t be categorized as a class 1 laser system.

Safety glass

The laser safety glasses of the machine must be of a type according to European and international safety standard. These standards are EN207 and EN208 (personal eye protection and eye protectors) or the guidelines in ANSI Z 136.1.

Normally, EN standards apply in Europe and ANSI standards apply in the United State. Sometimes, the regulations in force depend on the location of the laser engraving machine installation.

If the structure or optical quality of the safety glasses changes during use, the root cause must be identified immediately and it have to be dismantled and replaced.

Safety enclosure

Laser safety enclosure is designed to protect the machine operator from direct, reflected and scattered laser beam radiation.

For industrial production processes, a laser safety enclosure according to Class 1 laser safety standard must be used around the point of application of the laser beam. This enclosure can be supplied by the laser engraving machine supplier or distributor itself or it can be supplied from an accredited appointed manufacturer from the OEM. But such an enclosure must meets class 1 laser safety standards and is approved to be safely used in a production environment without the use of personal eye protection or any other PPE.


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