Romantic Ideas – The Secret to Filling Your Relationship With Passion and Romance

Romantic Ideas – The Secret to Filling Your Relationship With Passion and Romance

While this may be common sense to many people, it is still something that few people actually make an effort to do. The secret of giving sweeping your partner off of their feet with romance is this: Don’t be predictable! Now what I mean by this is a little more complicated that it sounds. I don’t mean that you should do something crazy or to totally change your personality. What I mean by this is that repetition = boredom. And boredom definitely = no romance. Not being predictable also means that you shouldn’t overdo it. It’s great to do little romantic things every day, but make sure you save the really good stuff for certain occasions. When you do amazing romantic things every now and then, it has a greater impact than if you did that every day. Just remember that you should always leave them wanting more.

For example, when you first start dating someone, everything is new and exciting. If you do something nice, like giving your partner a small gift (flowers, wine, etc.), it usually makes them really happy because they will be surprised by your thoughtfulness. Now imagine if you gave your partner the same type of flowers every single time you met. Sure, that is a very romantic and thoughtful expression of your love, but it will lose its effect after a while. It’s human nature to get accustomed to things we are constantly exposed to. Now imagine this…out of the blue, you take your loved out to a beautiful location to have a romantic picnic…just the two of you. Although this idea has been done many times before, it still is romantic because it’s unexpected.

Even though I said that the secret of filling your relationship Touches Place in Communication with romance is to not be predictable, a more accurate way to phrase this is: Give your loved one new experiences. By doing this, you not only keep things fresh in your relationship, but you and are partner will grow together. New experiences always helps you to get the most of out of life, and even more so if it makes you step a little outside of your comfort zone. If you can bring these types of experiences to your partner’s life, they will never forget it.

Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone is the most romantic thing you can do. For example, if you are not comfortable sharing your emotions, surprising your loved one by telling them how much you love them and kissing them passionately will surely be something that they will always remember.

You should challenge yourselves by experiencing everything that life has to offer. Remember that if your relationship is not growing, then its dying! So get out there and give your loved one experiences that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Instead of saying things like “Oh that looks fun! We should try it sometime,” take your partner by the hand and go for it! Don’t hesitate for even a moment. Whether you want to try white water rafting, horseback riding, or even learning ballroom dancing, go for it! Action is the fire that keeps your passion burning! Have fun and keep the passion alive!;)


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