Medical Spa – Reduce the Appearance of Scars in Time For Summer

Medical Spa – Reduce the Appearance of Scars in Time For Summer

Scars-they usually a reminder of some traumatic event that you just as soon forget if you could. But, they can elicit all kinds of memories, bad and good. The question is do you really need a reminder? You remember tripping up the stairs in those high heels just fine-you don’t need to look at your shin and see the proof nor do you want to look at your face and be reminded of your teenage acne days.

With summertime coming, the shorts, tank tops and bathing suits will be out of the closet soon and you feel a little self-conscious about the scar. Wherever your little reminder is, laser scar removal at the Med Spa can reduce the appearance or completely remove your unsightly scar in time for summer.

This process can get rid of or reduce the appearance of all kinds of scars-acne, keloids, burns, stretch marks, incision scars as well as injury scars. There are a couple of different lasers that are used. Skin resurfacing lasers like the CO2 and the Erbium laser both work well on acne while the pulsed dyed laser reduces the appearance of keloids and milder raised scars.

Basically what these lasers do is vaporize or kill the skin of the treated area. As this skin dies, it flakes or peels off to expose the healthy new skin underneath. The procedure can be done under local and as an outpatient procedure. There will some discomfort as the skin heals regenerates.

You medical spa physician will make sure you have the ointments, antibiotics and pain medication if necessary. Depending on how visible the scar area is with clothes on, you don’t have to take any time off of work or school.

Depending on how healthy you are and the normal healing abilities of your body, within four days, you should see the effects of skin repair. It is important to remember that there is no guarantee that the scar will be completely removed.

For instance, a severe keloid may require several treatments and still be visible, though greatly reduced. More superficial scars can be removed or very hard to detect after treatment. After about two months, your medical spa physician will want to see you to evaluate the results and you can decide if you want additional treatment.

So, if you have a scar that keeps you from feeling comfortable in tank tops, bathing suits or shorts, think about laser scar removal at a medical spa. Make sure it is a certified medical professional who is using this equipment as there are risks involved. Typically, a physician or a dermatologist will perform the procedure. During your consultation, he will evaluate your scar and determine the best mode of treatment for the results you want.

There’s no reason for you to be ashamed or self-conscious about your body when there is something you can do about it. You’ll always remember how you got that scar you don’t need a constant visible reminder. Laser scar removal at a medical spa can free you from your little memento.


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