If You Are Looking For A Different Kind Of Vacation That Will Inspire You Then Take A Trip To Nepal

If You Are Looking For A Different Kind Of Vacation That Will Inspire You Then Take A Trip To Nepal

If you are one of those people for whom vacations are a rare and far fetched commodity then you would want them to be perfect. This article will provide you with a good option to plan your perfect holiday. If you are looking for culture, peace and beauty then Nepal is the place for you. Being one of the most beautiful countries of South Asia, Nepal offers you exactly what you need. The most distinctive feature about this trip will probably be the hidden beauty incorporated in every street and corner of the place. It will almost be like a treasure hunt. For the inspiration that lies in Nepal can be found nowhere else because the people found in Nepal can be found nowhere else. Nepal is offering to give you what no other holiday spot probably ever did: inspiration.

Containing the Himalayas and Base Camp Mount Everest Trek, the most famous and highest peak in the world, Nepal is one of the most diverse of all countries in the world due to varying altitudes and geography. While there are many worth seeing spots in Nepal a few hold special significance. If you take a trip to Nepal make sure you visit the places mentioned below. In fact write them down at the top of your list.

Among these awesome places are Durbar square (Kathmandu), Swoyambhunath also known as the monkey temple and Pashupatinath temple.

Another interesting activity which is big in Nepal is trekking. Trekking in Nepal can prove to be wondrous for those of you who are more adventurous. Therefore, if you are looking for some adventure and excitement on your holidays devote your vacation to Nepal this year. However the non trekkers out there need not be disappointed. Nepal seems to have something in store for everybody. You can also claim your due share with Nepal holidays. Trekking is no compulsion. You can always move about in the city and witness painted elephants roaming about. The cities offer no less entertainment than the mountains and hills.

It’s not just Mount Everest which is the talking point of the country. Nepal is also the owner of the top eight mountain ranges in the world. ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’, this phrase fits perfectly here. Nepal has beauty, which is waiting to be discovered and explored.

The country’s increasing inclination toward tourists is no bad thing either. Nepal has grown to become very tourist friendly over the years. What could be better than having a beautiful country in the ever beautiful and exotic Asia and more importantly, one who wants you to came and visit too. With the rising conflicts and chaos seen on TV about Asia it is time you take the reigns in your own hands and explore the beauty lying underneath yourself. In a nutshell Nepal holidays are willing to inspire and influence you in ways not many other places in this world can. This is definitely worth some attention and consideration. Take a trip to Nepal and you will be inspired.


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