Hot Air Ballooning – Team Building With a Difference

We’ve all been there. You’re sitting in a team meeting when the boss says, “Let’s dedicate some time to Team Building”. What follows is usually some condescending task involving planks of wood or building life rafts or, worse still, building fictional life rafts. But what if the dreaded “Team Building” exercises could actually be entertaining and adventurous without being tedious? Next time the boss brings up the subject, do yourself a favour (and maybe even earn some brownie points) by suggesting napa ballon rides.

Yes, it may seem left field, but hot air balloon rides aren’t just for sight-seeing; they actually make for a great team work and bonding exercise.

A Brisbane based hot air ballooning company has come up with a unique team building programme which allows you and your colleagues to become actively involved in all aspects of the flight, from pre-flight planning, rigging and inflation of the balloon to in-flight management of your hot air balloon ride.

Your group will be split into smaller teams, with each team responsible for specific tasks associated with the safe operation of the balloon. These tasks include obtaining the weather briefing, determining a suitable launch site, unloading and rigging the balloon, in-flight navigation, liaison with Air Traffic Control and de-rigging and stowing the balloon. Tasks can be individually tailored to challenge specific team members.

And if you’re dubious about the ability of your workmates to keep you aloft at 1000 feet, please remain calm – experienced flight instructors and ground crew are there every step of the way to provide safety instruction and guidance for your hot air balloon ride over Brisbane.

Once on the ground after a successful landing, you’ll want a bit of a celebration – so a luscious breakfast and thorough debriefing is provided a local 5 Star Hotel.


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