From Casual to Athletic, Socks Are For Everyone

Socks come in every color and style imaginable, and appeal to people of all different tastes. Socks enclose the foot in a variety of knitted materials. The most prominent need people have for socks is to prevent painful scraping and chafing from footwear like shoes and sandals. The extra layer of fabric that encloses the foot absorbs the friction from caused by walking. As an added benefit, socks can be used to keep your feet warm in the cold of the outdoors or in your home. The versatility of these garments makes them perfect for just about any situation.

As we all know, our feet can get sweaty after walking or exercising. Most sock materials absorb this moisture to help keep feet dry. This is an important function of socks because excess moisture on the feet can cause unwanted side-effects like foot fungus. There are specially designed socks for just this purpose, including some that have odor fighting materials built in. The fibers in socks have a natural tendency to draw moisture away from the source and into the open air, where it evaporates.

Just about any time of shoe out there should be worn with socks, including athletic shoes, casual, vintage sneakers, business and more. In the business field, it is customary to wear high-rise socks with a color matching your suit. This adds to the professional air of your attire and prevents exposure of the legs in the professional atmosphere.

Socks are not just limited to outdoor wear, either. Put on a pair of your favorite warm, fuzzy socks indoors and enjoy the snug feeling they bring. With the wide variety of colors and styles, anyone can find a pair they like. If you like trying new things, try out a pair of open-toed socks. They are worn just like a regular pair, except there is no material where the toes should be. This lets the toes be exposed to the air and results in a more “free” feeling. If that is not your thing, there are also socks that have individual toe sections, but are enclosed in fabric. This lets each toe move individually. For the ultimate comfort, try socks made of wool or cashmere. These materials are very soft and give great warming benefits.

Most socks you see these days are made of cotton and a material called polypropylene, although wool is becoming increasingly popular. Athletic individuals find a great many uses for socks, including entire lines of socks made especially for their need, such as socks for track runners and bicyclists. You will find that socks range greatly in styles, including many patterns, colors, and heights. The heights range from ankle-high and can go all the way up to the knees. You might have seen soccer players wear the knee-high types. Runners commonly wear the ankle-high ones to give maximum ankle joint range.

Medical compression socks help increase blood flow in the legs of people suffering from a lack of circulation. With this information, you will be more informed about the types of socks out there to help you decide what is best for you!


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