Five Steps in Choosing a College That’s Right For You

Education is one of your valuable investments because it will affect your future. Your lifestyle may affected by the type of education and the level of degree you earn and use to start your future career. Hence, you need to choose a college that’s right for you which offering an education program that meet your needs. Here are 5 simple steps to help you narrow down your selection before you decide the one that best fit your career goal.

1.Choose Your Future Career

What type of career you are going to choose when entering workplace? Although sometimes ambition and reality are 2 different things, but if you know what you like and don’t like can help to determine your area of study. You may have many careers in mind that you like to be when you start your future career. List them down and narrow your scope to a few careers that you like the most.

If you like to know your strength and tendencies, then doing a career assessment test can help you to reveal the best careers that fit you. You can easily find those career assessment tests on Internet and do the assessment yourself.

2. Matching courses with colleges

Once you know what you are aiming for your future career, you will know what subject to major in your College Selection Process. The next thing you need to do is find and list down colleges that offer you targeted degree programs. You may end up having over 20 colleges on your list. One important factor that you need to ensure for your short listed colleges is: they might be fully accredited by national or regional accrediting agency that is recognized by The Ministry of Education. Other factors to consider are: the college’s graduation rates, and its reputation.

3. Narrowing Your List To Colleges You Are Qualified For

Normally top colleges require you to have high SAT scores for admission. If you are a student with average SAT scores, which you may not be qualified for Harvard, then you should aim to apply colleges with admission criteria that your SAT scores are qualified for. Your list can be further narrow down to colleges that meet your criteria such as fund from your parents, scholarships or grants, and available of on-campus work study if you need to earn money to support your study. If possible, narrow down your list to top five colleges of your choice.

4. Discussion With Your Parents & Submit Applications

Next, consult your parents on your colleges selection, they may provide helpful opinions and guide you through in making the final, important decision. You may discard one or two more colleges from you list after your discussion with your parents. Once you get the final list, fill-out the application forms and mail them as soon as possible so that your applications arrive at the colleges before the due date.

5. Finalize A College Within a few weeks, you will receive responses from the colleges where you sent your applications. You may get more than one acceptance letters, you need to decide and select one of them. Before you make your final decision, you probably want to visit the campuses together with your parents. Compare these colleges and select the best among them.

Summary Selecting the right college which offered your favorite degree program that meets your career goal is important to ensure you get the right degree to start your dreamed career. Hopefully the above tips help you in finding a college or university as you make career choices.


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