Elite Replacement Pod Cartridge with 1.4ohm Coil and 1.8ml E-liquid Capacity

The Elite Replacement Pod Cartridge is specifically designed for use with the Suorin Sense Elite device, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance. With its 1.8ml e-liquid capacity https://www.suorin.com/, this pod provides enough storage for your favorite e-liquids, allowing for enjoyable vaping sessions without the need for frequent refills. The compact size of the pod makes it ideal for vapers who prefer a discreet and portable vaping experience.

Equipped with a 1.4ohm coil, the Elite Replacement Pod Cartridge is designed to deliver a satisfying and flavorful vape. This coil configuration strikes a balance between flavor preservation and vapor production, allowing you to enjoy a smooth draw and a satisfying throat hit. The 1.4ohm coil is also suitable for use with nicotine salts and other high-nicotine e-liquids, providing a smooth and satisfying vaping experience.

Constructed from durable materials, the Elite Replacement Pod Cartridge is built to withstand everyday use. It features a leak-resistant design, ensuring that your e-liquid stays securely within the pod without any risk of leakage or spills. The bottom-fill design makes refilling quick and easy, while the transparent window allows you to easily monitor your e-liquid levels.

Additionally, the Elite Replacement Pod Cartridge features an ergonomic mouthpiece that promotes a comfortable and enjoyable vaping experience. The smooth airflow ensures a consistent draw, enhancing the flavor delivery and overall satisfaction. The pod is magnetically attached to the Elite device, ensuring a secure and stable connection for hassle-free usage.

In conclusion, the Suorin Sense Elite Replacement Pod Cartridge with its 1.4ohm coil and 1.8ml e-liquid capacity offers vapers a reliable and satisfying vaping experience. With its compact size, optimized coil performance, and user-friendly design, it is an excellent choice for vapers seeking convenience, flavor, and portability.

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