Camo Clothing – Being One With Nature

Camo or camouflage clothing needs no introduction. They are known to most people, mostly those who spend a lot of time with nature, practising hunting, shooting and other similar outdoor pastimes. Moreover, since the 1980s they have become a main part of popular fashion and many people couldn’t get enough of it then. Suddenly army surplus clothing was in hot demand. Many talented designers started coming up with new styles with camouflage clothing.

Keeping apart the mainstream fashion, the camo hat clothing was a dream-come-reality for hunters and shooters. Camo clothing includes different items like pants, shirts, jackets, t-shirts, hats, etc. They are now designed for adults and kids, men and women. Whether it is for real hunting or games, camo clothing has become highly popular and is not limited to a particular stratum of society.

Camo clothing has many advantages. The major one is of course that it resembles the natural environment and enables you to hide from animals while shooting or hunting. There are different colours of this clothing that merge with the surroundings – blue, green, brown, etc. Another benefit is that it is durable and has the ability to withstand wear and tear for a long time. The many pockets on these clothing let you carry different items with you while you are camping or hunting. Moreover, they are easy to wash and dry as their material is not as hard and rough like jeans.

Most of the camo clothing like cargo pants and shirts are designed in such a way that they are spacious and provide a lot of room and therefore are not stuffy and uncomfortable to wear. For the same reason they don’t restrict your movements while you are in the field. Nowadays women have started choosing them more, surprisingly, as it was men who started wearing it in the beginning. However, the influence of movies and television shows has made these clothes a favourite of women as well. Now they have advanced so much they have become a favourite of kids also for camping, games, fancy dress, etc. Kids also now have camo pants, shirts, helmets, t-shirts, etc.

Camo clothing can make you feel stylish any time as they are never out of fashion and at the same time keep you comfortable and at ease. They are ideal for hiking, exercise, recreation and even for just relaxing at home.


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