9 Things About Wicca – The Religion New Wiccans Should Know

If you’re just starting along your spiritual path this can be very daunting even scary at times. When you are seeking knowledge who should you believe? I will offer one sound piece of advice “Don’t believe everything that you read, but always follow your own institution”. If something feels wrong or that little voice inside your head is saying “No way”, then by all means listen. Here are some real facts about Wicca/witchcraft that may help you along your path to the universal truths and enlightenment.

1. Wicca is a real religion. Wicca is a protected religion by the United States constitution. There are Wiccans that serve openly in the US military. There are many variations on how to practice Wicca. Wicca is an earth based religion. We believe in the elements, the god and goddess and different types of supernatural beings and so very much more.

2. Wicca is a structured religion, but there are not extreme guidelines. Yes there are basic rules that most all Wiccans follow but nothing is truly etched in stone. Every person who practices Wicca has their own guidelines and rules as well as their own beliefs, customs, spell works, practices and divinities that they prefer to work with. As you continue your Wicca studies it is entirely up to you to decide what feels right to you and your true spiritual needs.

3. Most Wiccan Altar Table follow a moral and ethical code. If someone you know says that they are Wiccan, they follow the Wiccan Rede and they practice black magic. That statement is an oxymoron. When one practices black magic they work with entities that are dark and dangerous such as demons. When someone plays with black magic they can be pulled into the darkness before they even realize that they have been taken. Wicca mimics native American beliefs such as all living things are sacred. In Wicca many believe in the Wiccan Rede. One line of the Wiccan read states “An ye harm none, Do what ye will. Most Wiccans do not cast spells that will harm another person.

4. In Wicca is there an afterlife? Some Wiccans believe there is an afterlife some do not. Most Wiccans believe in reincarnation. Gerald Gardener wrote that the Summerland is a resting place for the souls until they are reborn. Within Wicca most believe that mediums and psychics can reach across the great divide and speak to our lost loved ones and other all-knowing and all-seeing entities.

5. If you decide that Wicca is where your spirituality lies it will be time to decide if you will live an open life as Wiccan or will you stay in the broom closet so to speak? You must keep in mind that there is still a plethora of close minded views on the Wiccan religion. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before deciding to live an open honest and free wiccan lifestyle.

Am I financially independent? If your parents still pay your bills, then the answer is no. Will you be cut off emotionally and financially? If your parents are practicing Christians this maybe the case. Always think before you act.

Can I lose my job? In most cases you shouldn’t but it is still very rough terrain for the average Wiccan. Ask yourself can I prove that I was fired because of my religious beliefs? If yes, then by all means come out. For most Wiccans that’s not the case within their reality. It is up to the employee to provide proof or discrimination. Get proof if you decide to go this route.

6. Wiccans do not worship the devil. The devil is dark. The very belief of traditional Wicca is that of the light. In traditional Wicca there is no gray area. Many people assume Wiccans and Witches worship dark entities and will turn you into a toad or give you bad juju or cast a curse on you. Let’s say you have a ruler on a 12-inch scale One being those who worship Satan/The devil all the way to the end of the twelfth inch is where Wiccans would be listed. Wiccans do not worship dark entities or the devil.

7. New witches should use others spells and rituals. Well the truth is yes and no. For many new witches it seems impossible for them to write their own rituals and spells. If you do not feel confident in writing your own spells or rituals, then you should find a ritual or spell in a book or online and make it your own. A very important aspect of becoming a Wiccan is that you understand that you are capable, you can succeed at anything that you put your effort and spirit into. If something feels right to you but others say it is not right or won’t work then you should look at all of the aspects and then do what you feel is right. A great philosophy here is “To Thine own self be true”. You must feel at ease and focused not unsure and haphazard. Spirituality comes from within your magic comes from the powers that be and your determination comes from your strong heart. Never doubt yourself or your beliefs as these things make us tangible, they make us all eternal. They make us what we are.

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